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Example Documentation

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Example Documentation

Sample Status Report with Ongoing Recommendations Action Items and Status Update – March 4th

CurrentTasks Breakdown




Recently Completed Action Items

Calculate AM/PA BHCA and complete sizing tool cluster evaluation Successful Implementation of Asia Pacific UCS, CUCM and VMware Clusters! Troubleshot and resolved “Locale” issue in AP – 3x 79x0s don’t display their extensions. Wrote How – To Document for team on troubleshooting common TFTP Server issues Confirmed insusceptibility to PSIRT Announcement “CSCtx43337 – CUCM…”


* Worked with G. @ 9:30pm and 10:30pm, began reading traces that night re: China Issue * Showed root cause of Multicast MoH issue in EMEA and provided temporary workaround after only a few hours. Guided some parts of earlier troubleshooting that contributed to finding cause.


Most Recent Travel:
Departed RDU 6 AM Feb 7th, Returned Feb 19th. 12 days travelled, 4 weekend – days worked.
Next On-Site Date:
Normal monthly travel to resume in April.
Confirmed with M. Can travel after March 29th.

Recommendations for Consideration

Items Identified as having the potential to add value to the Network or to our Team




Dialing Plan Update Flyer

This flyer was created as part of a large project to overhaul a company’s dialing plan and lengthen it to a full E.164 numbering scheme. The ideas behind the flyer were to garner support from employees for the change while simultaneously providing the information necessary for those employees to effectively use the phone system once the changes were complete.

Fig. 2.2.1 – Front of Tri-Fold



Fig. 2.2.1 – Front of Tri-Fold



 Customer Close – Out Documentation

The following example is a Table of Contents from actual CO Documentation. It is representative of the amount and type of information I document during a rollout.



 Customized UC on UCS Deployment Guide

Install Procedure for Addition of New UCS Blades and VMware Hosts to the Customer UC on UCS VMware Environment

Table of Contents



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