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Network Diagrams

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Network Diagrams

School District Firewall and Load Balancer Topology

This was a School District network switched/routed core that handled traffic between all of the schools in the district. At the beginning of this project, only the two central switches (CuX_6509, CuX_6509_2) existed and there was no redundancy in the network. The diagram below was made to illustrate and document the (4) new switches, (2) new Load Balancers and (2) new Firewalls.




Datacenter Core with Cisco Nexus and UCS – B Server Enviroment

Illustrated below are the United States portions of a large UC – to – UCS – B migration and Implementation, recently completed by Slow Networks, Inc. .



PD&D Examples Revision 4 for Open Distribution Page 19 of 23 layer of the diagram, which included additional overlays that documented both NX – OS and UCS Fabric Interconnect configurations.



Medical Facility Northwest WAN and LAN Infrastructure

This was a documentation project done after a switched Core redesign. The Diagram is extremely detailed and you need to zoom in on the area of the network you’re concerned with to see interfaces, VLANs allowed, Port Membership, PVC numbers and IP addresses.



Medical Facility Northwest Logical VLAN and Bridging Overlay

This is an overlay of the previous diagram. It details a particular subset of devices from the above and presents a Visual guide to understanding this networks VLAN layout. This network needed special documentation since RFC 1483 ATM / Ethernet bridging needed to be used to connect the two VLANs in either location to each other via the ATM WAN.



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