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Talks and Trainings

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Talks and Trainings

Cisco Live ’08 Presentation–MoH Server Selection

The MoH server selection slide shown here was used in the Cisco Live ’08 session BRKVVT – 2022 to illustrate how MRGL application affects MoH server selection inside Cisco Unified Communications Manager. During the presentation, only some arrows appear at a time, depicting sequence of events.

MoH Server Selection



Above, the phone (Yellow, Right side) is assigned the server MoH3 from the “Mi” (Miami) MRG because the MRGL is applied directly to the phone. Since the MTP (Blue, Right side) does not have an MRGL assigned to it, it uses MoH2 from the “Ral” (Raleigh) MRG, inheriting the MRGL configuration from its Device Pool.

The Sun icon indicates that the “User” audio source is in use, as opposed to the “Network” audio source, referenced in the talk using a Moon icon.

Cisco Live ’08 Presentation – RFC2833 MTP Invocation

The RFC2833 MTP Allocation slide shown here was another used in the Cisco Live ’08 session BRKVVT – 2022 to walk everyone through simple MTP allocation for RFC 2833 DTMF Relay.

MTP Allocation for RFC2833 DTMF

Invoking an MTP

  • Station supports Out Of Band (OOB) only and Trunk supports only 2833 – RFC2833 – Facing Media (Phoneside excluded).



In the image above, the phone (called party) supports one method of sending / receiving digits and the SIP Server (calling) supports another. Unified CM uses an MTP and the messages below to handle this situation at the same time that the audio channels are established.

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